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An Investment in Peace of Mind

Achieving an efficiently-run home and ensuring you get the most out of your staffing investment is a specialty of The Lindquist Group. Whether you’re new to home staffing or simply need to reassess your current arrangements, we offer consulting and training to help you establish and sustain a smooth operation.

Here are the four main components:

Operational assessment  Assessing the needs, priorities, and schedule of care for all the people, pets, places and things that comprise your household and family agenda is difficult to do alone. We apply our years of experience and multidisciplinary expertise to help you pinpoint what’s most important. Through onsite visits and personal interviews, we determine the right steps for sustaining your home and your preferred lifestyle with efficiency and excellence.

Baseline staffing recommendations  Based on how you live, entertain and travel, we determine the appropriate level of staffing—and the personalities and skill sets that will serve you best. After discussing the minimum staffing requirements and roles needed for optimal results, we help define your expectations in writing, a vital step to training and retaining the right people.  As many clients discover, we often recommend fewer staff than are currently employed in the home. Sometimes changing a single key staff position or clarifying current staff roles can have profound results.

Administrative review  In addition to assessing the roles and responsibilities of your staff, we also identify potential inefficiencies, risks, or liabilities that might create problems now or in the future.  This would include a review of employment files, operating procedures, task lists, and the performance management process.

Detailed road map for success  Finally, we develop recommendations to bring the home management better in line with your objectives.  Recommendations may include training for staff, adjustments to roles and responsibilities, staff additions, client coaching or administrative improvements to reduce the time and expense of operating your home.

Other Services

As a complement to our assessment services, we also perform specific consulting assignments as follow-on work or stand-alone assignments.

Property Manual  A comprehensive property manual or estate manual provides family and staff with an invaluable resource for years to come.  In addition to inventorying everything from pet and family members’ prescriptions and dietary preferences to art objects and finishes in the home, the manual can provide detailed instructions and schedules for their care. It can provide directions for emergency situations, such as where to find water and gas valves, how to restart the computer network, or who to call when the Chef is ill and a dinner party is on the agenda for the evening.  As your passport to peace of mind, it ensures your home is cared for without constant intervention or instruction on your part. And should your needs or priorities change, it can help you more easily integrate new staff or responsibilities within the global plan.

Employee Manual  This essential guidebook provides both personnel policies and procedures to establish written expectations for the staff, as well as clear direction with regard to staff conduct and accountability. It helps limit employer liability by clearly stating the household’s stance on at-will employment, freedom from harassment and discrimination, and terms for discipline, resignation or termination. 

Wherever you are in your hiring or management process, The Lindquist Group can help.  Initial consultation and training can help you get it right the first time—or indeed repair what might be broken in your staff relations and household maintenance.